Yolanda “Marlo” Meade Host of The Aquitaine

Project Podcast

As an organizational leadership consultant and Founder of The Aquitaine Project, I am on a mission to develop women leaders and Bright Lighters ready to speak up, speak out and shine bright as we create a “People Over Everything” movement which is foundational to creating a paradigm shift that ensures the universality of human dignity, respect and value in all of our social and economic interactions and relationships.

Partnering with hr-4uinc., allows me to add my voice to the Change-makers who know people are the magic that make any industry work and, who understand equitable hiring practices is just good business sense. As a natural-born nurturer, I have a passion for empowering people to identify and grow their personal and professional talents while becoming the best possible versions of themselves.

My need to innovate drives me to create new ways of thinking, doing, and being. I believe my dedication to servant leadership, respect for others, joyful collaboration, and a fanatical commitment to providing outstanding customer service, all day, every day, makes me great at what I do.

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