Will Sullivan

Founder Aspiring Better Human

As a young human, I made my way into the world of NYC retailing as part of some of the city’s most iconic brands. Caring for the customer always motivated me yet supporting the teams who served the customer was what drove me.

Eventually I became a leader in the world of NYC’s Arts & Culture scene at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, the largest museum in the US and amongst the biggest in the world. Working directly with the public for so many years taught me about leadership, planning, hospitality, tourism, and most importantly, the human heart. I simply love connecting with people and it comes naturally.

I credit much of my success to the teams I was privileged to lead and the guests I was honored to serve. In 2021 I founded this company to focus on projects involving connecting with the people who serve the client/customer/guest/visitor.

Projects such as coaching, team building workshops, and public speaking about leadership is my specialty. I have the utmost respect for the people who work directly with the guest, and I instinctually know how to assess the gaps in an organization.

The world is in desperate need of kindhearted leadership, and I am someone who succeeded in doing just that right here in NYC.

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