Tiffany Castagno


People are my business. I’ve cared about and for them all my life as a Volunteer, as I’ve sat on Boards, as an HR Practitioner, as a family member and friend, and as I’ve been in Communities in other ways. Businesses hire with a plan to retain the talent they’ve attracted, but I don’t always know that the focus is there.

That’s why Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging is so important, as well as a focus and Strategic Plan around these efforts. I don’t know that businesses always recognize how much power they have to impact personal livelihood and/or circumstances or that enough awareness is out there yet.

There is a need to balance work and life, but life doesn’t stop at the start or end of a workday. I want Leaders and businesses to understand that you get to create that livelihood and the Psychological Safety in the environment for others by building strong, Intentional Cultures- safe Cultures.

You don’t always have to wait for Regulations or your Competitors to be the first to make a bold move. I love helping my clients think creatively and I embrace what they bring to the table in that regard in truly practicing People First for equitable workplaces.

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