Sheena Lance-Nold

Founder: SLN Coaching & Consulting

Sheena is an accomplished Senior Onboarding & Development Manager, and Leadership/Executive Coach. She has over 15 years of experience delivering innovative onboarding and training programs to enhance staff knowledge, success, and retention.

She has proven success in achieving maximum growth in revenue as well as high levels of staff retention year-over-year. She is a compassionate, knowledgeable leader that has the keen ability to empower development and growth of top performing teams.

She is a results-oriented professional that can optimize organizational structure to facilitate achievement of mission and strategic goals for businesses while maintaining high levels of employee engagement and satisfaction.

Sheena believes in equitable opportunities for all. She is committed to serving underrepresented communities and individuals. She has served on Diversity and Inclusion committees, and was nominated to be on two sub-committees: Learning and Development Team Member Journey.

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