Shawanna Kennedy Author, Speaker, Self First Strategist, and Mental Wellness Advocate.

I am identified as the most important individual in my life experience when it comes to me and a person’s individuality. Therefore, as a leader, I must keep at the forefront the necessity to choose “me” first above all and not compromise. This is my mantra at The SelfFirst Movement Solutions.

My mission with iAffirm Impact Foundation is to enrich, motivate, and inspire the lives of our youth. We are dedicated to youth advocacy and empowerment. Our community-based learning approach centers on our four pillars: Confidence, Commitment, Communication, and Collaboration. We work to advance the inner strength of youth. “Building CONFIDENCE and Self Esteem today and Empower others to EMERGE tomorrow!” At iAffirm Impact Foundation, we know confidence must be taught early, transcending into every area of living.

As a leader who understands the importance of people and being a woman of faith, knowing God could choose to use anything, however, HE chose You and I. This means I have a responsibility (a call) on my life to do my part, and so do you. A true concern and care for people, desiring growth, and wanting them to thrive and not just survive in life, should drive us all.

My emboldened desire as a leader at Kennedy Media is that people experience tremendous results by Being Seen, Being Heard, and creating more visibility in their life and business on and off the camera.

Never afraid to “Show up, Show out, and Shine.”

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