Sam Morgan

Founder of Illuminate Coaching + Consulting

I am a self-proclaimed “confident learner” and earlier this year after 5 years of work in the continuous improvement space I landed at KataCon, a conference for continuous improvement professionals who practice the Toyota Kata.

There I had a powerful moment realizing where my true passion lies: transforming people through coaching. For me people matter because I believe at our core each person is valuable. My purpose, to be a light, is all about helping shine the light on others and how amazing they are.

To illuminate what’s inside of them. To help them understand how much they have to offer the world and that the world misses out when they don’t show up as their 100% authentic self. That they are worthy and capable. Creating living wage employment matters to me because everyone should have what they need to be able to live a life where they can be their best and thrive.

If you don’t have a living-wage you are stuck in mode: survive.

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