Rockstar X

At RockstarX we believe people should think outside the box and also help them find their dream job within the gaming, entertainment, music, film, and technology industries and show the world how and why these individuals are exactly what society is turning their backs on because one size does not fit all in the world and the workplace for without these people, we wouldn’t have the technology we have today.

We want people to be given equal opportunity to achieve their best version of themselves and chase their dreams and ambitions. But also, be paid the legal minimum wage and not discriminated against in any way, shape, or form. We focus on supporting NDs on their journey to realizing and achieving their dreams in a society that has given little to no focus on helping them.

Everyone has experienced feeling out of place, not wanted, or pushed away, most can shrug it off and move on, and that is the expectation. Autistic people do not have that luxury. Society chases them and living with the fear to conform is inescapable.

Our CEO and Founder Joel Felsenstein was diagnosed with autism when he was nine and has felt the pressure to obey a level of ‘normality’ ever since. So many others like himself are square pegs forced into round holes and this has to stop.

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