Our Collaborators

Our Collaborators

Board Members

Board of Directors

Felecia Ward
Director/Board President
Sheena Lance-Nold Director/Board Vice President
Raven Stevenson Director/Board Treasurer
Jody Forehand
Director/Board Secretary
Chason Forehand

Advisory Board

Kylie van Luyn
Viswa Prasanna
Beverly Hathorn
Harris Giddings
Dustin Dale
Desiree Goldey
Alysa Southall
Henry Miller
Dr. Nhu Truong
Jason Grooms

Our Partners

Our Partners are changing the face of the workplace by showing leaders how to place PEOPLE at the top of the priority list.

They are taking unique approaches to seeking diverse, engaged employees, creating safe spaces that provide everyone equal opportunities. They are removing biases, eliminating stigmas, and listening, so that everyone’s voice is valued in an inclusive environment.

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Leader Partner

Nicole Angai-Galindo

Nicole (Nic) Angai-Galindo Island Elevator, Bohemia, NY Founder – The Gifted Bipolar Writer Over twenty years ago I was diagnosed

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Leader Partner

Sharon Birn

Welcome to the transformative world of abundant living, guided by Sharon Birn, a renowned Life Coach, and expert in self-care

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Leader Partner

Minola Jac

Minola is a highly versatile, internationally seasoned Business Transformation professional, with 20+ years of proven track record in projects across

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Leader Partner

Victoria Walling

For 14 years, I’ve been on a storytelling adventure, weaving narratives that ignite brands and drive business success across industries.

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Leader Partner

Dr. Nhu Truong

Dr. Truong’s personal evolution from a super-working mom entrenched in Corporate America, to a holistic visionary championing well-being, offers a

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