Nicole Angai-Galindo

Nicole (Nic) Angai-Galindo

Island Elevator, Bohemia, NY

Founder – The Gifted Bipolar Writer

Over twenty years ago I was diagnosed with severe depression. My struggle was long and bored consequences that were at times, detrimental. Then about four years ago, I was properly diagnosed with Bipolar II Disorder. Mental illness runs in my family. My father was diagnosed with Bipolar I disorder and has been non-functioning most of my life. I fortunately found the help that I needed through a combination of medication, therapy, and an incredibly supportive family and network on the LinkedIn Social Media Platform.

I am a fierce advocate for embracing biploarness, as not a condition to live with, but to live because of, by tapping into the strengths that this diagnosis demands you to employ.

One of the ways I can do this is because I work for a company that sees its employees for what we are first. People. Island Elevator’s slogan is “A People-First Company” and I am grateful I can say that our company lives up to that slogan daily.

To be seen and heard is what we all need to feel valued. In our company, I am not just seen and heard but felt. They do not see my bipolarness. They see a woman who has taken control of something that was taking over control of her life. They see my dedication to being a part of a dynamic team whose goal is to take care of our customers and each other.

I will continue to shine a light on my employer and the core values of our company – Safety, Communication, Professionalism, and Accountability. And, my endeavors to encourage other employers to step up to the plate and humanize the workplace.

At HR-4U, I’ve been given a unique opportunity to speak out against unsupportive work environments that only serve to break their employees’ mental health, morale, and dignity. We all deserve to be paid a fair wage, in exchange for our dedication and buy-in to help our organizations rise to the next level. We all deserve to stand on that next level we helped to attain.

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