Neela Singh

Empowering Startups
Leadership Advisor

Employers are waking up to the fact that their people are essential to their business’s success in the wake of the pandemic and other external forces. The people who work for your company are your greatest assets and your company’s brand. It is estimated that 20-30% of your revenue goes towards payroll, so why wouldn’t you want to protect your interests? It starts with reexamining our definition of success itself.

Traditional expressions of success – like “Well, look at our figures, they speak for themselves” – ignore or downplay the people who helped achieve them. My definition of success is much broader, and it starts with the well-being of my colleagues. Getting it right isn’t easy, but here’s what I’ve learned: • Employees should have control over how they spend their days and time – trust them to prioritize and set their own schedules. • Encourage your employees to explore new opportunities beyond their daily responsibilities.

Give them the tools and resources to do so. Providing a living wage reduces the need for people to work two and three jobs to supplement their income. Moreover, it demonstrates employers’ commitment to DEI, as well as missions related to social and economic equality. It has become apparent to businesses that people can’t work effectively if they are constantly insecure, and wage standards do not meet the needs of workers right now.

Being migrant and female, I face many challenges in the workplace, but I managed to navigate them successfully without compromising my mental or physical health. I shouldn’t have to. A better way exists, and it takes united voices to implement a permanent change. Through partnerships with organizations like hr-4uinc. I am confident we can make a difference.

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