Minola Jac

Minola is a highly versatile, internationally seasoned Business Transformation professional, with 20+ years of proven track record in projects across industries (Banking, IT, Media & Telecom, Energy, Government and Public Authorities, NGO), environments (private – corporate, entrepreneurial, and public), geographies (Europe, US, Middle East). She’s a self-starter with fine-tuned people and communication skills, able to work across functions, roles, levels, mindsets and cultures.

“Get comfortable with change, first as a word, then as a process and ultimately as the very fabric of our life and work. Create spaces of curiosity over places of certainty. Know that even change is changing. And always remember: there is no other journey worthier of our curiosity, courage and compassion than living everyday life with awe, wonder, grace, purpose, intention and joy.”

Change is ever-present whether within our personal lives, our careers, in big and small moments alike. To live every day to the fullest means embracing change for what it is, and that’s much easier said than done.

Everyday Inspiration for Change’ or simply ‘EIFC’ for friends is deep dive into my personal journey and how it relates to the change we see and experience around us, and how we relate and embrace these events.

“The last chapter and the end segment talking about your friend and your thoughts is incredible. I know I’m going to hop around the book, and come back multiple times to some chapters. Back to the chapter on the Moon!” Chason Forehand


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