Melissa Robinson-Winemiller

Dr. Melissa Robinson-Winemiller

Empowering Leaders with Actionable EQ via Empathy

What do empathy and a treadmill have in common? Both are nice to have, but neither will get results if you don’t use them.

Quiet quitting. The Great Resignation. Minimal Mondays. Post-pandemic stress. Cancel Culture. Friction over remote work. AI. Being a modern leader has so many nuances and intricacies that past leadership hadn’t even considered, and it keeps moving faster and faster. The command-and-control leadership of yesteryear just doesn’t work anymore, and in the face of rapid change there’s two choices: evolution or extinction. This isn’t something that can be contained in a spreadsheet or a dashboard, so what’s a person to do? Melissa Robinson-Winemiller has the experience, expertise, and education to bring forward-thinking leadership bigger profit, better employee retention, greater productivity and team-driven innovation. Don’t believe her? Check out what Forbes, Inc., The Wall Street Journal and The Harvard Business Review say about EQ and Empathy in the modern age of leadership.

Melissa took the plunge as an empathy and EQ coach and consultant after losing a career to unempathic leadership, and has never looked back. Her goal was to discover how to create better leadership with the single element most leaders in her experience dismissed: EQ through the use of empathy. How serious is she? Serious enough to bring 30+ years of leadership experience to the fore. Serious enough to pursue a second doctorate in Interdisciplinary Leadership with a dissertation focus on Empathy in Leadership. Serious enough to have MBA and Master of Data Analytics to be able to back up her arguments with data-driven proof and sound business cases. Serious enough to bolster all of this with certifications in Change Management (ACMP/Prosci), the Society for Human Resource Management (CP), and Cornell University (DEI&J). Yes, she has experience, expertise, AND education. Add to this decades of experience as a coach, and she’s created the perfect blend to counsel both current and emerging leaders in navigating these turbid waters.

The most important part of her work? Partnering with organizations like hr-4uinc. In the end, everything Dr. Robinson-Winemiller does is in an effort to help human beings be, well, better human beings! The fact that this actually breeds better business outcomes is just the icing on the cake, but a strong incentive nonetheless. The more we all work together to do just that, the more we all have to gain.

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