Lyndsay Dowd

Chief Heartbeat Officer and Founder Heartbeat for Hire

Our mission is to help leaders build irresistible culture for people to be their best, thrive and drive results. The work we do focuses on #hearbeatsnotheadcount and by putting people first, employees feel seen, heard and valued.

As leaders it is our job to value our people if we want to get the best work out of them. Partnering with HR4U was a no brainer for us. It is one more way for companies to recognize the bare minimum that it costs to survive in this country. This is a fundamental part of good culture and it’s more than that. It’s just plain human.

The Great Resignation showed us that employees expect more. Leaders are being asked to step up in ways they never thought they needed to. This is where we help. We coach leaders and Executive Leadership Teams to create phenomenal culture that nobody wants to leave.

We speak to organizations on the importance of compassionate leadership, advocacy, language, communication, recognition and investing in your people.

Top 10 Business Coach Featured on Apple News
Telephone: 617-216-5082

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