Leslie Nydick

The Conflict Strategist

Conflict Happens. I am sure you would rather avoid it, and if so, you are not alone. I am on a mission to help individuals, teams, organizations, and leaders to reimagine conflict with proven techniques. I guide you to build the framework for successful outcomes. Conflict is the opportunity to transform the dynamics in relationships and the workplace.

The strategies to manage conflict will improve communication. When communication is effective throughout an organization, it has a positive impact on the culture. The renewed communication will lead to psychological safety, inclusion, diversity, and equity. Let’s create workplaces that focus on the people because the people matter. You matter.

I am proud to be associated with hr-4u inc. because their mission is my mission. I share my bite-sized STRATegieS via my blog, The Strats(SM). Here, I talk about conflict management, negotiation, communication, workplace culture, and more on LinkedIn.

I am available for speaking, consulting, training, webinars, and conflict management services.

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