Kim Brady

My unique background as a former therapist, an elite athlete, and 2x founder allows for a unique perspective on business ownership. After achieving a successful sale of my previous company, I founded Kim Brady Business Coaching with a steadfast mission to democratize small business ownership and make it accessible to a wide range of individuals. My personal journey involves building a company from scratch, relying on sheer determination rather than funding. And I was able to successfully start, scale, and sell that company after 10 years. As a woman and a lesbian, I have faced closed doors, experiencing firsthand the challenges and biases that exist. However, the key to my success as an entrepreneur lies solely in the exceptional individuals I surround myself with.

My coaching focuses on assisting small business owners in constructing teams, placing significant emphasis on fostering employee development and facilitating the achievement of individual and company goals. Recognizing that business success thrives on collaboration, I understand that it cannot be achieved in isolation. It is through people that businesses truly flourish. Consequently, I encourage entrepreneurs to embrace those around them and cultivate servant leaders within their communities.

Naturally, the decision to partner with HR-4U is a clear and obvious one. By joining forces with this organization, we can further support small business owners by addressing their human resources needs. This collaboration will bolster the effectiveness of my coaching services, equipping clients with additional resources to navigate employee management and regulatory compliance.

In summary, my ultimate goal through Kim Brady Business Coaching is to empower aspiring entrepreneurs, making business ownership accessible to a broader audience. Having experienced the challenges and triumphs firsthand, I am driven to help others succeed by building exceptional teams and emphasizing the human aspect of business. By forging a partnership with HR-4U, we solidify our commitment to enabling entrepreneurs to thrive in their communities.

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