Jonathan Bennett Leadership, Strategy and Governance Coach

I care about and take action on: social justice issues, First Nations reconciliation in Canada, autism and neurodiversity. My mission with is to help purpose-driven leaders—to go from overwhelmed and stuck, to thriving, quickly. It’s lonely being a leader.

There’s often no one you can really talk to. I’ve been there. So, wherever you’re at, I’ll bring 25 years of creativity and leadership success to your situation. You’ll experience humor and empathy and see firsthand why I am known for my deep-listening and breakthrough questions that create insights and new strategies.

Living wage should be the new minimum, everywhere. If we care about people’s dignity, then allowing workers to live and participate fully in our communities seems an essential starting point to me. After decades in the Nonprofit and social purpose business space, I stand committed to living wage and similar justice issues.

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