Here at Jobready2dey, we believe that a “People First” focus is the lifeblood of any successful organization. Why, you ask? As the adage goes, “take care of your people so that they will take care of your customers”. Taking it further than that, a happy team member that is supported at work, feels appreciated, and is compensated fairly will help take an organization to heights unseen.

As a company that provides career training, outplacement services, and career transition support, we work with displaced, dissatisfied, unemployed, and underemployed folks who covet positions at companies with a people-first focus. They are willing to go above and beyond because they are confident that their employer has their back. So, yes. The people first mindset works and the ROI is abundantly clear.

Hr-4u’s mission to remove the roadblocks that prevent people from finding living-wage employment is a catalyst for change that will benefit people on a national level. How? Millions of Americans fall far below the poverty threshold every year. Many of these great people work hard to help organizations succeed daily but can barely make ends meet. Removing these roadblocks will prompt positive change in the lives of those that need it, and boost organizational success rates. Positive change and people first for the win!

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