Jason Grooms Photographer, Consultant, and Training Expert

The Center for Human Leadership is a project born from my decades-long search for the true meaning of “leadership” and a compulsion to service through kindness and compassion. I’ve spent a lifetime teaching, coaching, and advising thousands of leaders in almost every position and industry across the United States.

I’ve also been mentored by some of the world’s most successful and outstanding leaders. In that time, I’ve learned that we all know what a true leader is, a human leader. Our agreed-upon definition and characteristics haven’t changed in all those years, integrity, courage, compassion, transparency, guidance, and kindness. Unfortunately, many leaders today are being told they’re “successful” while possessing few if any of those qualities, only to eventually fail miserably, painfully, and sometimes catastrophically.

Unfortunately, these leadership training and development programs are typically financially or professionally out of reach for most people. My consulting work and the Center for Human-Leadership aim to provide the tools, guidance, and support for tomorrow’s leaders so they can make human leadership the platinum standard in any setting. Some programs will be free of charge to individuals in my community or network to help increase wage potential while developing people-first leaders.

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