Janet Mohapi-Banks

Coach, Speaker International Best-selling Author

Janet Mohapi-Banks Conscious Consulting works with individuals and executive teams to develop the Conscious Leadership and Company Culture that people adore being a part of.

What sets us apart from other consulting firms is that when we talk about creating conscious businesses, we don’t just mean that we improve our clients’ triple bottom line, which of course we do, we mean that by utilizing our unique system we bring spirituality in the workplace to raise the consciousness of individuals and the collective.

This allows every member of the executive, managerial, and leadership teams to show up in the fullest expression of who they are which dissolves and releases the pressure and stress they carry and allows them to live and lead with purpose rather than fear.

When people release their stress and lead from a place of purpose, they are happier and more fulfilled, and innovation, productivity, and profits have no choice but to elevate too.

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