Jamie Edwards

Founder of Jam Sessions With Jamie

As an advocate and voice for jobseekers all over the world, I see the struggles many go through every day when it comes to job searching as well as those who are stuck in toxic workplaces. There are way too many talented jobseekers out there with an amazing amount of experience and different skillsets that are getting treated like they are on the clearance section or bargain bin of a department store and getting lowballed offers every day just so companies can focus on their bottom line and be more profitable.

People WORK to LIVE, not LIVE to WORK. Being paid a fair wage ensures that people can enjoy the life they want to live without having to operate on a paycheck to paycheck basis. The amount someone gets paid should also not vary based on gender, race, ethicity or other status. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) is something that is talked about by many companies but not implemented the way it should be.

What happened to companies truly caring about their people and putting them first? People should matter over everything and that means that companies should be investing more in their employees and listening to what things matter to them most rather than worrying about themselves all the time. I remember the day when corporations and companies would take the time to TRAIN their employees upon hiring them and not just throw them in the fire and expect them to perform.

There are also many employees who are not getting paid what they are worth yet companies keep asking them to work MORE and do MORE. These same companies are also denying their employees yearly raises because they didn’t hit their forecasted projections for the year. Employees want to be heard and appreciated. They want fair pay and ways to advance in their career. They want training so they can continue learning and developing to be able to grow and make an impact. Without PEOPLE there are no COMPANIES.

I am a successful people leader, culture champion and have spent most of my career building, developing and leading high performing sales and operations teams for Fortune 50 companies. After mastering the career development track, It is now my mission to mentor others on how to build an attractive, high-quality resume, ways to create a more visibile LinkedIn profile and how to have confidence answering the toughest questions during the interview process.

My company is called Jam Sessions with Jamie I have helped many jobseekers ROCK their job search by increasing their chances of getting interviews and job offers. When employers start putting people first, everyone wins. I am proud to support HR-4U on their mission to achieve this and it starts with equal pay for all.

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