Felecia Ward

Principle Strategist

Felecia Ward Marketing

Companies are now actively prioritizing ethical HR practices that normalize inclusive workspaces. “I am proud to partner with hr-4u inc. in an effort to normalize Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion ( D.E.I), fair and equitable HR access, recruitment, hiring, mentorship, and advocacy for sustainable best practices in nurturing client-centric workspaces.” As an entrepreneur and woman of color, I advocate Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (D.E.I) in my marketing agency Felecia Ward Marketing.

I operate as a certified D.E.I. marketing agency that infuses inclusion as an essential best practices for my business. From core beliefs to market research, branding, content, and client services teams, Felecia Ward Marketing utilizes inclusion to help strengthen connections and differentiate myself within a competitive marketplace.

I implement inclusive marketing as part of my client’s strategic development. Creating a marketing strategy that incorporates D.E.I. practices is vital to business growth, sales and sustainability in a global market. The implicit bias and assumptions we have an impact our marketing.

Learning to recognize and understand the need to expand our often-limiting perspectives can improve our storytelling. The more variety of stories we share, the more we learn about our humanity. Human connections evoke emotions and emotions drive behaviors.

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