Frequently Asked Questions

We believe in transparency. To that end, 100% of our administrative costs are covered by our Founder and the Board of Directors.  This allows 100% of your donations to feed programs!  You can see our budgets and breakdowns in the links below.

We are not involved in endorsing candidates or pushing to create more legislation.  We believe too much rhetoric already exists in this space that is poorly mandated, lacks sufficient oversight, and produces financial resources for far too few affected communities.  This is a mission serving all communities and individuals.

We currently have five ongoing programs.  Four of these programs are self-funded.  The fifth program is funded by participants and the funds go towards our newest program.  The sixth and newst program in 2024, Transformation Kitchen(tm) will be opening its doors by the end of 2024.

We are not a member-based organization. We create partnerships with employers, leaders, and Solopreneurs that are displaying, or teaching, People-First behaviors that align with our mission.  These partnerships are highlighted in our media outlets, which further this mission and are not financial in nature.  In the future, we hope to create additional financial related partnerships with companies and individuals that believe in our mission and want to offer either one-time, or ongoing financial support.


Our funding comes from a combination of private donors, grants, sponsorships, and from organizations that align with our mission and are supporting us through one-time, or ongoing financial support.

Spread the word! Encourage your employer to remove barriers that prevent people from finding equitable living wage employment with them.

If you’re an employer and you need assistance creating change, we have Leader-Partners that we can recommend that could possibly be of service.

Follow us on our social media outlets; like, share, and comment. If you are changing behaviors through your company or by teaching others equitable hiring behaviors, please reach out so we can discuss either an Employer-Partner or Leader-Partner relationship.

Donate to our cause to help fund our work.

All of our Employer-Partners and Leader-Partners are supporters of the mission who are concerned with affecting equitable behaviors within the workplace. We do not have legally binding contracts with any of them.  We highlight their transformative work to encourage other leaders to create equitable behaviors.  Our inner workings, and business decisions are run through our Board of Directors and transparently, and willingly, follow all local, state, and federal laws that are applicable to a 501(c)(3) corporate charitable organization.

Links and Documents

This is where you can find documents that we will freely share to the public in full transparency. You should know where your donations are going and how it impacts our work and mission.

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