Erin Corine Johnson

Erin is an interdisciplinary performing artist, certified coach and versatile creative consultant based in Barcelona, Spain with 8+ years of experience innovating dynamic educational workshops and community-based initiatives in the arts, leadership, and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

Hola Magnolia is a being-based for-profit company that works to support and empower individuals at key phases in their career to do the identity and alignment work necessary to undo limiting beliefs, develop emotional intelligence, create a healthy self-motivation toolkit and mutually beneficial network. The Hola Magnolia client base and community is made up of people and organizations committed to equity, inclusion and restorative social justice through creative innovation and servant leadership.

As a dedicated coach, mentor and community organizer, my mission is to build Hola Magnolia into a hub for personal, professional and creative development, but as a collaborative middle ground for interdisciplinary collaboration and cultural competency through integrated DEIJ+ education and a business model that gives back to its Black and Black-Indigenous community through low and no-cost programs funded by our reparations-based business model.

We seek to empower artists, creatives, freelancers, educators and thought leaders—especially those of racially and economically marginalized experiences—to build, sustain and grow their life’s work by providing professional development opportunities and facilitating connections with our growing network of collaborators, patrons and partners.

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