Dr. Nhu Truong

Dr. Truong’s personal evolution from a super-working mom entrenched in Corporate America, to a holistic visionary championing well-being, offers a compelling narrative of resilience and change. The pivotal moment of her own burnout, a distressing encounter that led her to hospitalization due to stress-induced sepsis, ignited her purpose. Through unwavering determination, she reclaimed her physical and mental well-being, shattering the chains of pharmaceutical dependence through holistic living.

At the heart of Dr. Truong’s calling lies her profound commitment to guide others towards their health aspirations. Infused with mindfulness and meditation, she empowers individuals to incorporate small, meaningful changes into their daily lives, leading to remarkable transformations. By fostering a culture of intention and purpose, reinforced by compassion, kindness, and love, she propels burnout professionals and entrepreneurs to soar to new heights of well-being.

In her role as advocate, mentor, and business development partner, Dr. Truong is dedicated to enriching your journey. Her affinity for like-minded entrepreneurs, driven by a shared vision of serving their communities while addressing mental health and burnout, cultivates a thriving ecosystem of support. With a diverse background spanning clinical expertise, sales, and management, she is uniquely positioned to guide and champion your growth.

Dr. Truong’s keen belief in the innate human potential to overcome adversity and ignite change resonates deeply. She’s committed to reshaping lives through mentoring, and inspiring those struggling with the relentless demands of work, family, and health. Her mission extends beyond empowerment; it is a rallying cry for embracing the present moment, finding happiness, and nurturing gratitude regardless of life’s challenges.

Dr. Truong passionately asserts that every individual possesses a unique gift, waiting to be unveiled through mindful meditation. She encapsulates the profound notion that genuine joy and abundance spring from within, forming the bedrock of a life well-lived.

Her Books

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