Dommartini Salien, Sr.

Veteran, Educator, Author Nonprofit Founder

We are all meant to thrive in this life, not just survive. The world obviously isn’t exactly a place for all living entities to fulfill their inherent divine right of thriving, and as long as there are those who work tirelessly to see to it that this environment is sustained, I will give my very last breath ensuring that it is met with resistance.

I try to create this reality for those in my community by volunteering in various community service organizations with my students such as meals on wheels, march of dimes, Josea Feed the Hungry, and other various organizations in the community. The mission of hr-4u of creating a living wage employment for everyone matters to me because I came from a country that is saturated with destitution and poverty beyond words can describe.

This has been tearing at my heart to see that I now live in a country that boast the title of the greatest country on Earth (and in many aspects it is) but has just as many communities and neighborhoods that are also saturated with the same poverty. The math isn’t math-ing for me with that one and never has. I am here to answer the call to action and rise to the occasion of being in complete service to those who are less fortunate and privileged as I have been blessed to be.

Thanks again for the email, and I look forward to our continued friendship and growth.

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