The Fashion/Apparel industry has always been plagued by prejudices, stigmas and lack of caring leadership. It also has been about where/what name-brand did you most recently work for. Although we are a small employer, we are an experienced female owned/led Apparel company that cares for our staff as much as the products we sell!

We look to hire the best person to fit into our company culture and then dig into their history and skills during interviews. We retain our staff based on our diversity efforts and our people-orientated policies. We keep our staff up to date and welcome input on all matters; although we don’t always agree, everyone here has a voice!

We encourage creativity and engagement in a safe workplace. Although we cannot pay the same as larger corporations, we believe in paying our staff a wage that can support themselves & families in one of the top fashion cities in the world. We are still reaching for the stars and as we grow, our staff will grow as well! Myunghee Kim Co-Founder DiademNYC & Eshel LLC

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