Brian Poindexter

HR Consultant
Fervent Facilitator
Culture Constructor

Our entire world is founded upon our greatest natural resource: PEOPLE. Due to the immense value that people represent, it is imperative that we continuously strive to create environments that not only protect them, but allow them to prosper. Organizations must understand that their pursuit of sustainable success hinges on their pursuit of sustaining their people.

People are sustained by executing the necessary measures required to allow them to feel authentically and individually significant. One of the most overlooked and undervalued ways to build significance in the workplace is equitable pay and an actual living wage. When employees feel that their compensation is based on merit in conjunction with an understanding of their personal situational security, it magnifies their overall worth to the organization.

When your brand is to commit to bettering your people, your people will commit to bettering your brand. It takes strong and committed leaders to shoulder this initiative and lead the charge toward a people-centric future.

I’m beyond excited to utilize my influence as an HR Consultant, facilitator and coach to help professionals and organizations to structure the workplace around people, not just policy and profit. I believe that we ALL have the ability to create workplace cultures that are engaging, inclusive, safe, and life-giving.

My goal is to help organizations and individuals build an atmosphere centered around people, not just policy or profit.

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