Barney Abramson

I am passionate about three things, my creative career, mental health advocacy, and mentoring black and brown creatives. My creative journey began on a little island in the Caribbean. While the other kids were playing baseball, I was alone in my room drawing my favorite 80s cartoons.

That creative passion grew into a fruitful career, and I went on to become an award-winning designer. In many ways, I am living proof that, despite its shortcomings, the American dream is still alive and well. I consult as a creative director, strategist, and manager. I help businesses and individuals with creative problems.

When I’m not designing, I’m writing about my experiences as an Afro-Latino creative in corporate America. I use social media to connect, mentor, teach, and inspire the next generation of Black and brown creatives. Through my “Future Ready” mentoring program, I’ve been able to combine my love of design with my passion for mental health advocacy to empower black and brown designers and provide them with the tools they need to change their career paths, thereby closing the opportunity gap.

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