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Auxly is the one project management agency that brings exceptional business organization and project coordination to empower future women business leaders. That’s because only Auxly brings tailor-made strategies that skyrocket your business and empower you to change lives.

Auxly is derived from the word: Auxilium Latin Pronunciation: / au̯kˈ / aux-il-i-um Etymology: “spread, honor, promote” Noun: Help, aid,(Medicine) antidote, remedy

At Auxly, our motto is “people first, roles second”. Our company values include Integrity, Authenticity, Empathy, Resiliency, Communication, and Self-Care; both on and off the clock. Our values are not all encompassing, but a brightly lit gateway into the world of a healthy workplace community. We come together under a shared understanding that health is wealth, and we’re here to support both.

Dawnell Kelly Founder

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