Anne Ristow

Founder Systematic Equity Edits

The goal in starting Systematic Equity Edits, Inc, is to reinvent traditional approaches of educational mind shifts and merge them with relevance and choice to break down barriers in recognizing the value and uniqueness each person’s diversity brings to our world.

We believe the inequities of our systems demand collective attention. Our mission is to offer focus and discovery for learners of all ages, families, and communities. It is through a human-centric approach to the diverse brilliance, lived experiences, and identities of those who have been historically marginalized that we can help the world see things differently.

We are gaining a better understanding of people’s equity consciousness by looking deeply into levels of consciousness, and most importantly, by engaging people in opportunities to shift their thinking for sustainable change in how they view, project and interact in an equitable and inclusive way. We hypothesize that it takes not only a clearer understanding of peoples’ conscious and sometimes unconscious biases but also dedicated opportunity for change of thoughts and actions could point the way toward a more equitable and inclusive society.

We are doing this by reaching across continents to collect people’s self-perceptions on their equity consciousness and observe how those levels of consciousness play out, in real time, in their personal and professional growth. While “equity” includes many things within and outside our realms of “consciousness,” we chose to focus on a set of consciousness elements that offer a window into what people are thinking and how they perceive themselves and others.


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