Alysa Southall

CEO A People Partner, LLC

Our organization is committed to bridging the gap that exists between employer and employee. We want to coach leaders in companies to understand how they are contributing to the supposed talent shortage and advise them on ways to ensure equitable pay and treatment for all who work in their organization.

We want to help job seekers find employment, career coach and upskill. We want to motivate companies to remove their roadblocks in hiring by eliminating long checklists of requirements that individuals must meet in order to be considered for their roles. We want to encourage companies to hire talent for their soft skills, aligned values and fit with the team and then promote their already designed benefit packages to upskill the talent they hired.

We also support HR/TA professionals with their project-based work, allowing them to be more impactful in their organizations. By doing so, they can build stronger relationships with their teams, eliminate toxic cultures, develop equitable hiring and pay practices, and drive actionable DEI strategies.

Our values are diversity, empathy, equality, inclusion, transparency and teamwork. Our commitment to job seekers and businesses requires us to be diligent in living our values every day. The values of A People Partner, LLC align the way in which job seekers and employees deserve to be treated.

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