Alicia Perkins

Founder of Prepared Careers & Purposed to Paid

I firmly believe that everyone has the ability to lead their lives. And as a Career & Professional Development Coach it is my mission to empower people to have fulfilling careers which gives them the freedom to live the lives they want to. The company is for the company’s success but I’m for the people’s success.

I’m committed to strengthening the workforce with confident and well-paid employees who are willing to create a better life, so they can become leaders not just at work but in the world as well. My job is to encourage people to become the change they desire to see in the workplace.

Purpose to Paid is a career advancement learning program & community with amazing resources for career advancement & personal development. Prepared Careers is dedicated to providing career & professional development education to increase retention and nurture employee development to make the world of work more fulfilling.

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