Alexander N. Andrews Author of “Unlike A Boss”

As someone who is deeply passionate about a people-centric leadership approach, I am proud to be associated with hr-4u inc. We as leaders each have a responsibility to serve the people with whom we work and create work cultures in which they can thrive.

I am passionate about creating workplaces based on diversity, equity and full inclusion; importantly this means, work environments of as a minimum, living wage and one of gender equity in pay. I wrote UNLIKE A BOSS to shine a light on some horror stories from my career, and how I channeled these into positive outcomes.

Each of us given the right environment, have the potential to thrive, and we shouldn’t be defined by our historical qualifications or lack thereof. I for one, left school and went straight to work, I climbed the ladder to CEO – I didn’t attend university, and yet I created highly engaged teams who generated industry leading results.

Let’s build a better today and tomorrow with the help of great organizations like hr-4uinc.!

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