Adam Clarke

Passionate People-Centric Leader Operational Transformation SME Executive Leadership Trainer

I have focused on Creating, Building or Transforming Specialist and Operational business units through my passion for People-Centric Leadership, Process, Functional Transformation and through Culture of Continuous Improvement, Change Management and need for Positive Impact.

I believe in Serving. Serving individuals to ensure they have everything they need to do their best work, be happy doing so and to succeed. It is hugely important to me to achieve success through Collaboration. For me, People are the beating heart of absolutely everything, in life and in business. I strive daily to provide an environment for my teams where they can bring their value to the business.

I know that everyone has a multitude of skills and experiences and when knitting those together, we have an incredibly capable team that delivers exceptional outcomes to our customers, stakeholders and business units. As Leaders, our existence has to be to serve others. When our people are included and supported to personally and professionally grow, engagement increases as does the by-product of this, success for all.

I’ve heard it said before that Leaders put effort into this area ONLY to see crazy ROI. I say, do it because people matter the most, let the crazy ROI come from your genuine, authentic caring approach to them, never set out to get a return for your efforts as people see right through it! I do my utmost to practice this daily and now spend at least some of my time sharing this knowledge with others, Coaching and providing Mentorship to people.

It is my intention to do more on this over the coming months and years but one thing remains, my belief in ‘People Over Everything

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