People are such an incredible gift to organizations. For too long, leadership has felt that they are liabilities. People are creative, curious, empathetic and kind and I believe if given the opportunity to flourish- they excel.

Our culture has been one of telling people what they aren’t capable of instead of telling them what they are capable of. People become what we celebrate. If we give them opportunities to excel, they rise to the challenge. I’ve seen this through believing in others. When you see potential in someone and tell them what you see… they go for it.

Living wage employment matters because if people have security financially, they can worry less about if they have enough coming in to support their family and focus then on how to create more in the world. Financial security allows for peace of mind and with that peace of mind comes overflow of ideas and creativity.

Well, my mission is to empower 10,000 healthcare leaders to prevent burnout through influencing change on the overall healthcare system. It’s a massive reach, but I know I’m not alone in wanting to see this. Living wage employment here affects those who want to go further in medicine.

I’ve seen so many Medical Assistants who desperately want to further their career in medicine, but they didn’t have the support from family and financially, they couldn’t do it with the wages they were earning.

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