We had such an amazing launch to our website! Thank all of you that followed our LinkedIn campaign and are supporting our efforts by spreading the word to help us change hiring behaviors and create living-wage employment for everyone!

Because of our success and the amount of traffic produced organically, I set off LinkedIn security protocols that caused them to restrict my personal account. It’s silly, but I’m working through it and cooperating with them.

In the interim, this has been a great reminder not to put all of our eggs in one basket. We’ve created a Twitter page where you can follow us, and are working on getting Facebook, and Instagram set up, as well.

In other great news, we’re actually ready to process our 501(c)3 1023 long form paperwork this week. That is a major accomplishment that we’re all proud to have tackled. All of this is a learning process. We appreciate you coming along for the ride.

Do Good. Be Kind. Spread Joy.
Chason Forehand

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